About Us

At dRSTi, we believe in focussing on your key target audience. We filter out me-too marketing plans, brainstorm on campaign & communication ideas and further initiate a targeted conversation.

We would rather talk to 50 of your key target audience, than trying to communicate with 500 people.

We thoroughly research who we are reaching out to and then use conventional and experimental methods, to further strengthen our dialogue.

dRSTi Communications in its formative years conceptualized a unique media vehicle BOOKVERTIZE, assisting brands in effectively communicating to the Youth across India. Over the past years, dRSTi has initiated many such marketing platforms.

We are pioneers in branding and engagement within Tech parks, Individual Corporate Companies and Elite Social Clubs & professional associations. With these channels of marketing and branding dRSTi has enabled brands to explore their key audience and has delivered valuable case studies.

Meet The Team

Our people work closely with your brand, to draw insights and put ideas together. We sort them and build a shared vision. With a background in multiple marketing disciplines, we put our minds and dedication on the table, before we finally push the envelope.

Mohith Manjunath

Vishal V Deshpande

Rajatha Murugendra

Krishna Wage

Aravind Rao

Pranav Kumar Reddy

Jayaprakash N R

Abhishek Rao

Skanda Shastry

Raghav Ramaiah

Kshitij Garg

Kiran Raj

dRSTi Communications, #4, 5th Block, 3rd Main, Kumara Park Extension, Bangalore - 560020

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